Every day, UNT reaches out to the community to create partnerships and offer helpful services, making us the university for North Texas. UNT enriches, inspires and helps the communities of the region in many ways. A cultural hot spot in Denton — which was named “the best college town in Texas” — UNT is home to world-class performance facilities, esteemed faculty artists and internationally recognized guests. By blazing the trail as a leader in the arts, UNT has produced renowned alumni such as Grammy-winning singer Norah Jones and National Medal of Arts recipient and sculptor Jesús Moroles.

In the community

UNT on the Square, home of the Institute for the Advancement of the Arts, presents exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings and more in downtown Denton. The institute hosts respected artists-in-residence such as alumnus Nick Cave, who debuted an eye-catching performance piece called Heard at UNT, and composer Jake Heggie, whose Moby-Dick-inspired Ahab Symphony premiered at UNT.


From blackout poetry to French opera, UNT presents 1,500 performances, exhibitions and lectures each year.

Denton's Oaktopia Festival

Notable Speakers

Through the Distinguished Lecture Series, the Fine Arts Series and more, UNT attracts high-caliber speakers such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and science educator Bill Nye.

Creative Hub

Together, UNT and Denton have made this booming college town a musical hotspot. The annual Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, highlights UNT's musical excellence. And UNT was the official sponsor for the Oaktopia festival in 2016.

Artistic Excellence

Celebrated artists, musicians, faculty and students perform and exhibit their work in UNT’s numerous state-of-the-art facilities, sharing their talents with community members from across the North Texas region.


The UNT College of Music stands as one of the nation’s best, largest and most comprehensive music schools — with the nation’s first jazz studies program.


U.S. News & World Report ranks the College of Visual Arts and Design 59th nationally among top graduate schools for fine arts. The college is considered one of the best art schools in the South and Southwest.


An educational and cultural resource, the Texas Fashion Collection holds 20,000 historic items from renowned designers.

Student hanging art.

Building Careers

Industries want employees who know their field and are tech, business and people savvy. UNT's New College at Frisco, an off-site instructional facility, is our newest offering — joining our locations at the Collin Higher Education Center in McKinney and the Universities Center at Dallas — delivering that workforce.

Official Partner

UNT teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys to grow awareness of UNT and create academic opportunities — bringing Dallas Cowboys executives into UNT classrooms and providing new projects and internships for our students.

Giving Back

UNT students, employees and alumni perform 14,500 hours of community service annually in major service programs such as Alternative Spring Breaks. Make a Difference Day and The Big Event, a national day of service.

On Campus

400,000 visitors come to UNT each year for concerts, art exhibitions, lectures, summer camps, sporting events and numerous other activities.


UNT’s experienced staff and students offer help to the public through a number of facilities such as the Center for Play Therapy, the Kristin Farmer Autism Center and the Speech and Hearing Center.

Autism Center
Downtown Dallas

Economic Driver

UNT, the flagship of the UNT System, boosts the Dallas-Fort Worth area's economic activity by $1.65 billion annually. The North Texas region includes one of the nation's largest metropolitan areas and most vibrant economies.

UNT's Murchison Performing Arts Center

Big Impact

UNT supports and drives the growth and programs of communities and businesses in the North Texas region. As a catalyst for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, UNT is paving the way for an evolving economy.

  • JOBS: UNT economic activity supports 12,327 jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area economy annually.
  • TAX REVENUE: UNT economic activity generates $150.9 million in federal tax revenue annually.
  • SPENDING: UNT's capital spending on building construction, remodeling and repairs generated $183.9 million in economic activity for the Dallas-Fort Worth economy in 2015-16.